I' ve alway been fascinated by the idea of using the same tools used by the ancient Romans. Art that has been renewed in its form, but remains so ancient in the method. For me the mosaic is matter, the mortar is prepared and the marble tile is cut and pasted. Light is for me energy, as if it represented the soul. This is why I have replaced the marble with mirror because in every tessera the light can be reflected and spread in the surroundings. If you look at the tessera directly you can see parts of your eyes recognize the pupil the mirror of the human soul that meets the light, the divine element. I combine mosaic, light and sculpture mosaic, my creations play on the fragile border between art and design. I like to imagine my works as artistic installations. The light changes and moves and so do its reflections on the walls and on everything that surrounds the work.
I'm Davide Medri.


I ts hair flew into the room, as did its reflections.
Magenta was created on a commission from the KarKa family.
And to touch the sky.

Totem sculpture with stones nine meters high for the new headquarters in Lübeck 2016.


  • Bruno Rainaldi
    The are all made by hand, even the small glass mirror tesserae. Cut one by one and positioned singularly and all this happens in a luminous laboratory, with big windows overlooking one of those common provincial roads which divide into two sections the towns they go across... And of beauty one speaks in front of the works by DAVIDEMEDRI, reflected without boundaries. Who ever brings home one of his elements does not only acquire a beautiful element, but a coherent life project full of respect and harmony.
    Bruno Rainaldi
    Milan May 2009
  • Cristina Morozzi
    The mirror, an object that marks the borders between imaginary and symbolic... Conceived, designed and made by Davide Medri, designer, creator of mosaics, young road artist, of those roads of Romagna where an intuition can turn into forever dreamy reality and reflect its numerous nuances... Square, round, rectangular, for wall mounting, the same size as human beings or small and precious inserts, they are mirrors for mirroring oneself, reflecting light and producing unexpected flashes in the half-light of rooms... Mirror tesserae offering flashes that appear stolen from the stars, meant to return to sand, here take on new life to frame other mirrors, to offer original reflections and provide a new intriguing duplicity.
    Cristina Morozzi
    Milan September 1997
  • Sabrina Piscaglia
    Reflections, glares, glows. Transparencies, dullness and shadows. Davide Medri elements generate a potentially endless concatenation of luminous effects. Much more than mere objects for everyday use, they are vibrating metaphors of the vital energy which distinguishes this artist. Kaleidoscopes conceived to react with every light variation, Davide Medri mirrors irradiate the surrounding environment, sculpturing the premises...
    Sabrina Piscaglia
    Paris June 2009