• Sabrina Piscaglia
    Reflections, glares, glows. Transparencies, dullness and shadows. Davide Medri elements generate a potentially endless concatenation of luminous effects. Much more than mere objects for everyday use, they are vibrating metaphors of the vital energy which distinguishes this artist. Kaleidoscopes conceived to react with every light variation, Davide Medri mirrors irradiate the surrounding environment, sculpturing the premises. Casing, warm, intimate, the transfiguration of spaces seems to tells us about other times, made of prodigies and dreams, suspended between reality and imaginary. A gap then opens offering a glimpse on a concept of the world which goes beyond the mirror. We have no need to go through it anymore, as Alice does, the Wonderland is here, to overwhelm our everyday life and reveal the mystery and magic smuggled inside a glare.
    Sabrina Piscaglia
    Paris June 2009
  • Bruno Rainaldi
    The are all made by hand, even the small glass mirror tesserae. Cut one by one and positioned singularly and all this happens in a luminous laboratory, with big windows overlooking one of those common provincial roads which divide into two sections the towns they go across. The inhabitants of those areas, in Romagna, pass by in cars, by foot and on bikes. They greet Davide and his assistants by waving hands from the other side of the windows. Someone walks in for a coffee. It’s not a tale. It is not impossible to work without inhibition under everyone’s eyes. It is not impossible that on a work place there isn’t the chance for a laugh, the visit of a friend, a bit of music. Professionalism, competence, manual ability and passion are not distressed by enjoyment. What benefits is the heart, the expressive force, the beauty. And of beauty one speaks in front of the works by DAVIDEMEDRI, reflected without boundaries. Who ever brings home one of his elements does not only acquire a beautiful element, but a coherent life project full of respect and harmony.
    Bruno Rainaldi
    Milan May 2009
  • Cristina Morozzi
    The mirror, an object that marks the borders between imaginary and symbolic, when framed with mirrors, becomes not only a reflection of other images but also of itself. Fine dust of flashes that multiply and fragment its clear surface. Conceived, designed and made by Davide Medri, designer, creator of mosaics, young road artist, of those roads of Romagna where an intuition can turn into forever dreamy reality and reflect its numerous nuances, just as is becoming of these spontaneous objects, ingenious children, turned into fascinating presences. Square, round, rectangular, for wall mounting, the same size as human beings or small and precious inserts, they are mirrors for mirroring oneself, reflecting light and producing unexpected flashes in the half-light of rooms. Mirrors in evening dress, conceited and narcissistic that reflect themselves and mirrors that…are born again, are ecological, being framed in fragments of recycled mirror, disposable material that finds new life thanks to the creative breath of the author’s project. Mirror tesserae offering flashes that appear stolen from the stars, meant to return to sand, here take on new life to frame other mirrors, to offer original reflections and provide a new intriguing duplicity.
    Cristina Morozzi
    Milan September 1997
  • Bruno Rainaldi
    A catalogue of mirrors. Davide’s mirrors. But can we really call them mirrors? Real mirrors are something else. They have gilded frames engraved with flower motifs. These have frames that are mirrors in themselves. And they not only reflect the sheet but also the frame. Do you really think Davide is normal? If nothing else but because of his height. And then, he spends his nights dancing in discos, on the beach from April to October, sometime until November. On the phone, instead of saying hello he asks whether you are going dancing that evening. He puts on what he finds lying around and always has plasters on his hands. The fact is of course that he cuts mirrors all day. During the day, he works. A catalogue for Davide Medri’s mirrors. We were talking it over with Sergio. How shall we make it? An on-the-road catalogue. You can’t expect us to photograph them (the mirrors) in the lounges, dining rooms, ante-rooms, bathrooms, wardrobe rooms, shops, hotels throughout the world? Let’s do it on the road. At random, where Davide lives, in Romagna. Let’s find a nice wall and, there you go, stick the mirror on it, take a photo, and then off to someplace else. We move about with two or three cars, loaded with mirrors, nails, hammers and take photos where we please. And then the beach, ruins, peeling walls. In black and white. Mirrors are not coloured you know. The photographer? Ezio Manciucca, he’s clever, friendly, good looking which is never a bad thing, is discreet and adapts well. He’ll come with Francesca. Is she pregnant? But we are not going to climb mountains or cross deserts. We’ll be away three days, three days is enough. At mid-day piadina and in the evening, we’ll eat something all together. Then we’ll take the back-stage photos with Viviella and maybe, around the catalogue presentation, we’ll organise an exhibition in Dilmos. We’ll talk to Lella about it …This is the result of that talk.
    Bruno Rainaldi