The Icon mirrors propose a reworking of the works of the great masters, the classics of art, in a contemporary, colorful, and intimate visual form.

Thus, the "icons" of collective artistic imagination become part of our daily lives through the evocative power of their unmistakable outlines that resolve sharply, where gold and silver meet the field of color.

They join us through the magnetic force of the mirror, reflecting our gazes, our vision, our space: the icons are within us, and we are within the icons.

The Icon mirrors appear simultaneously as a citation and a playful reversal of Pop Art. Here, it is not the common object that enters our visual circuit, but the essence of great works of art that enters our deepest inner selves.

A new, unprecedented dialogue emerges between the call to the beauty of human history and the reflection of our lives... we immerse ourselves in them, contemplating ourselves.

Reflected beauty is redemptive and cathartic, devoid of any dark metamorphic foreboding.

Light, reflection, color.

Far from the fate sung by Ovidio per Narciso.