D avide Medri was born in Cesena on August 7th 1967 and graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ravenna, the Gino Severini State Mosaic Institute and the Albevainer Professional Mosaic School.

After various artistic experiences, with the meeting with the Dilmos gallery in 1997, the first furnishing accessories in mirror mosaics were created. Today's portfolio includes, in addition to glass mosaic mirrors: tables, floor lamps, wall lamps and works of art.

The manufacture is completely handmade inside the laboratory in Cesena. Every single piece of glass is cut and fixed by hand guaranteeing high quality, each artistic element is unique in its design and can be tailor-made in any size.

Davide Medri's works of art have been successful in terms of market, press appreciation and recognition by architects and interior designers in Italy and abroad.